S – Tamil Movies

Welcome to the Tamil Movie Lyrics Page of all Tamil Movies starting with the letter ‘S’.

Please click on the Tamil Movie Name to view lyrics of the songs.

List of Tamil Movies starting with the Letter ‘S’

1) Saamy Songs Lyrics

2) Sadhu Miranda Songs Lyrics

3) Sandai Songs Lyrics

4) Santhosh Subramaniam Songs Lyrics

5) Saroja Songs Lyrics New 2008 Movie Cheeky Cheeky Lyrics

6) Sathyam Songs Lyrics New Vishal Nayanthara Movie 2008

7) Sillendru Oru Kadhal Songs Lyrics

8 ) Sivaji The Boss Songs Lyrics

9) Subramaniyapuram Songs Lyrics New 2008 Film

10) Sakkarakatti Songs Lyrics AR Rahman’s Music Latest Tamil Film


We will update this page and add Tamil Songs Lyrics of other Tamil Movies whose name starts with letter “S”.

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